About Global Outreach FBLA

Non-profit organization

Global Outreach FBLA seeks to support the FBLA Goals which are:

  • Leadership Development—members develop essential soft skills by holding chapter officer positions at the local, state, and national levels; by networking with accomplished business professionals; and by participating in business-focused workshops, seminars, and academic competitions.
  • Academic Competitions—members demonstrate their business expertise at high-profile regional, state, and national competitive events. The top students are recognized with trophies and cash awards.
  • Educational Programs—members create career portfolios, enhance their knowledge with world-recognized skills certifications, and have access to select college scholarships.
  • Membership Benefits—members receive exclusive discounts and enhanced benefits for travel, education, and more.
  • Awards & Recognition—members build a portfolio of accomplishments with a wide range of awards programs.

Meet The Team

Edwin C Bodoni


A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, Edwin is a great organizer with extensive entrepreneurial and fundraising experience in the non-profit arena. He was involved in FBLA during his entire high school career and, in college, he continued his engagement in the organization by serving as the 2021-2022 Pennsylvania FBLA Collegiate State President. Passionate about financial services, at Wharton, Edwin double majored in finance and multinational management, and minored in German. He interned at Morgan Stanley in New York City (summer 2022) and at Deutsche Bank in Europe (summers 2021 & 2020), and joined full time  Morgan Stanley’s Fixed Income Division (July 2023). Besides business, his other interests are ballroom dancing and skiing.

Evelyn A Bodoni


Evelyn is a senior at University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, where she is pursuing a double major in finance and multinational management, and a minor in German. Besides her academics, Evelyn is actively involved in several clubs such as Wharton Hedge Fund Club, Wharton Women and Wharton Europe. During high school, she served as the 2019-2020 Executive VP for Colorado FBLA. Since FBLA is still her passion, she and Edwin enjoy running Global Outreach FBLA and inspire youth world-wide to become the business leaders of tomorrow. Evelyn also continued her involvement in FBLA Collegiate, by co-founding and serving as the UPenn FBLA Collegiate Chapter President, the 2021-2022 Pennsylvania FBLA Collegiate State VP, and the Pennsylvania FBLA Collegiate State President (2022 – 2023). With a passion for finance, she interned at Morgan Stanley (New York City, summer 2023), at Goldman Sachs (New York City, summer 2022), and at Erste Bank Group AG (Europe, summer 2021). Evelyn is excited to be joining Morgan Stanley full-time in July 2024.


Tamás Makra

Hungarian FBLA National Advisor

Mr. Makra received his teaching degree in 1994 from the Janus Pannonius University, Hungary, where he double majored in Hungarian Language & Literature and English Language & Literature. Since then, he has been teaching English at Toldy Ferenc Gimnazium, in Budapest. An enthusiast for American culture, Mr. Makra was honored with the prestigious Fullbright Scholarship, which allowed him to continue his professional development as an exchange teacher. In this year-long program, he taught at Hinsdale South High School, in Darien, Illinois. In January 2018, Mr. Makra was selected to serve as Hungarian FBLA National Advisor.

Godefrida Keneema Rwambogo

Tanzanian FBLA Assistant National Advisor

Mrs. Godefrida Rwambogo received her teaching degree in 2010 from the St. Augustine University in Tanzania. Her teaching career started at the Dossa Aziz Secondary School in the Coastal Region. For the past eleven years, she has been teaching English, history, and geography at Kisutu Girls Secondary School.  In August 2018, Mrs. Rwambogo was selected to serve as the Tanzanian FBLA National Advisor. Together with her fellow Tanzanian local chapter advisers, she has been running the FBLA program in Tanzania and participated at the 2019 and 2023 FBLA National Leadership Conferences in the United States. Aside from her career, Mrs. Rwambogo enjoys singing, playing tennis, and volunteering at her church. She has been blessed with three beautiful daughters.


Diana Gazizova

Kazakhstani FBLA National Advisor

Ms. Gazizova is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. Eager to make a positive impact on her community, she is highly involved in her non-profit organization, Art & English. She is also a founder of the «dECO» startup that focuses on providing a solution for important contemporary global problems such as child labor and climate change. Besides these activities, Ms. Gazizova enjoys being an eco-ambassador by encouraging her peers to develop ecologically-conscious behavior. Her work is focused on producing art out of waste, and coordinating school-supplied food waste to animal shelters.