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2020 National Leadership Experience

2020 FBLA Kazakhstani National Delegation
2020 FBLA Kazakhstani National Delegation

Event Date:  June 29 – July 2, 2020

Everybody was quite disappointed that the 2020 NLC in Salt Lake City had to be canceled. On the positive note, because it was an online event, more foreign FBLA members had a chance to participate. GOFBLA is proud to have sponsored nineteen students from Hungary, Kazakhstan and Tanzania to compete in various events. more…

2020 Outstanding Competitor…

2020 Hungarian National FBLA Competition

Eszter Turi - Public Speaking
Eszter Turi - Public Speaking

The three Hungarian FBLA chapters, Toldy Ferenc Gimnázium, ELTE Trefort Ágoston Gyakorló Gimnázium, Deák Téri Evangélikus Gimnázium, met for there National Competition in January 2020. Twenty-five students qualified to compete at the 2020 FBLA NLC. The Hungarian FBLA National Delegation comprising of Eszter Turi, Mate Mangoff, Mark Penc and Lili Nemes will reperesent Hungary at the 2020 FBLA NLC. more…

FBLA in Tunisia

FBLA Tunisia
FBLA Tunisia

The newest FBLA chapter is in Tunisia! Although Global Outreach FBLA was not involved in establishing FBLA in Tunisia, the Global Outreach FBLA team is collaborating with Selima Terras and Rayen Queslati (Tunisian FBLA National President) to expend FBLA in Tunisia. more…

2020 Kazakhstani FBLA National Competition

FBLA Kazakhstan

Making history: Kazakhstan features five FBLA chapters at Haileybury Astana High School, Nazarbayev Intellectual School IB, Quality Schools International, Nazarbayev International School Physics and Math and Spectrum International School. The Kazakhstani FBLA National Competition, conducted in December 2019, qualified 29 students to compete at the 2020 NLC. The top five students are Yuliya Kim (NIS Physics/Math), Kerem Altun (Spectrum), Alima Ashimbayeva (Haileybury), Aruzhan Akimkhan (NIS IB), Kassym Gabdushev (NIS IB). Kazakhstan will be represented for the first time at 2020 FBLA NLC by Yuliya Kim and Kerem Altun.

2020 Tanzanian FBLA National Competition

Students from eight Tanzanian high schools competed in 39 FBLA events in the 2020 Tanzanian FBLA National Competition. Over 100 students qualified for the 2020 FBLA NLC. Fifty-three students were named semifinalists, of which 25 students become finalists in the competition for the all-expense paid trips to the 2020 NLC. From the students who won the Top Ten Award, four were selected for the 2020 Tanzanian FBLA National Delegation. These students are: Maureen Mwasongwe, Anande Omari, Silvester Machasa and  Mariam Mabele.

FBLA in Kazakhstan and Guam

Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana)

Evelyn Bodoni, the leader of the Global Outreach FBLA Team, is working with Diana Gazizova, a senior at Haileybury Astana High School in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, to implement FBLA chapters in several high schools. Evelyn is also collaborating with Elizabeth Su to improve and grow her chapter at St. John’s High School in Tamuning, Guam. In addition to students from Hungary and Tanzania, Global Outreach FBLA is looking forward to welcoming students from Kazakhstan and Guam at the 2020 FBLA NLC in Salt Lake City, Utah.

2020 Tanzanian FBLA Kick Off


Event Date:  September, 2019

In Tanzania, the 2020 FBLA Season had a great start. Since the participating high schools are scattered all across Dar es Salaam, it is difficult to have one single event. Therefore, in addition to holding information sessions at their respective high schools, the members of the 2019 Tanzanian FBLA National Delegation visited all the other participating high schools and recruited two new ones (St. Anthony’s Secondary School and Benjamin William Mkapa High School).

2020 Hungarian FBLA Kick Off
Budapest, HU

2019 Hungarian National FBLA Delegation
2019 Hungarian National FBLA Delegation

Event Date:  September, 2019

The Hungarians kicked off the 2020 FBLA Season with a presentation by Peter Nyiro (Hungarian FBLA National President), Kata Kortvelyessy, Dora Molnar, and Mr. Tamas Makra (National Advisor), hosted at Toldy Ferencz Gimnazium in Budapest. Kata spoke about their stay in Las Vegas and San Antonio, Dora gave an overview about the events of the NLC, and Peter talked about the benefits of FBLA membership. In attendance were teachers and business professionals who will serve as judges for the up-coming Hungarian FBLA National Competition in January 2020, as well as students and teachers from two new high schools (ELTE Trefort Agoston Gyakorlo Gimnazium and Deak Teri Evangelikus Gimnazium) which will feature FBLA chapters. more…

In San Antonio, Texas
In San Antonio, Texas

Event Date:  June 29 – July 2, 2019

For the Hungarian and Tanzanian FBLA National Delegations the 2019 NLC started with a three day stay in Las Vegas. Besides visiting major attractions on the Las Vegas Strip, the students and advisors went on a short trip to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Then, they flew together to San Antonio to attend the events of the 2019 National Leadership Conference. more… & video…


Event Date: November 2018

Over 300 students competed in the Tanzanian FBLA National Competition in October 2018. Seventy students from eight high schools were named semifinalists. Of those, in late November, 26 finalists were identified, who competed for four all-expenses paid trips to the United Sates to attend the FBLA NLC in San Antonio, Texas, in June 2019. These four students are:

Maureen Mwasongwe (Shaaban Robert Secondary School), Debora Nnyari (Agha Khan Mzizima Secondary School), Elisha Mwaswengu (Azania Secondary School), Henry Mwakasonda (Alpha High School). more…


Event Date: February 2019

In late January 2019, Toldy Ferencz Gimnázium hosted the 2019 Hungarian FBLA National Competition, which qualified 14 students to attend the 2019 FBLA NLC in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The top three scoring students (Sofia Paredes, Kata Kortvelyessy, and Peter Nyiro) were awarded all-expenses paid trips to the US to compete at the 2019 NLC. Also joining the Hungarian delegation is another student, Dora Molnar, who is the recipient of a Special Award, and the Hungarian FBLA National Advisor, Mr. Tamas Makra (English teacher at Toldy Ferencz Gimnázium). more…


Event Date: June 25 – July 2, 2018

The FBLA NLC is a huge event with thousands of attendees: students, teachers, advisors, exhibitors, judges, presenters, college admission officers, organizers, parents, guests, and support staff. Students have the opportunity to gain competition experience, network with their peers, observe other students compete, interact with exhibitors, visit a college fair, attend workshops, go on sight-seeing tours, make new friends, and have fun at social events. more…


Event Date: July 15, 2018
The Tanzanian FBLA Leadership Conference  started with a training session for teachers from eight high schools and the staff of Junior Achievement Tanzania. This program trained 22 teachers to serve as FBLA advisors from Agha Khan Mzizima Secondary School, Alpha High School, Azania Secondary School, Jangwani Secondary School, Kisutu Secondary School, Mbezi High School, Shaaban Robert High School, and Tambaza High School. Video…


Event Date: July  15 – July 19, 2018

The first ever Tanzanian FBLA Leadership Conference was hosted in Dar es Salaam, from June 15th through June 19, 2018.  This event featured presentations, workshops, and information sessions. The American FBLA Delegation visited eight Tanzanian high schools and introduced FBLA to the students, giving them the opportunity to interact with the delegates and ask questions. This program reached over 2,000 students from the following  Tanzanian high schools: Azania, Agha Khan, Tambaza, Alpha, Mbezi, Kisutu, Jangwani, and Shaaban Robert. Enthusiasm for FBLA was huge; all eight schools implemented FBLA chapters, with total membership exceeding 600 students. Video…

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 1.25.40 PM

Event Date: January 4, 2018
Hosted on January 4, 2018, at Toldy Ferenc Gimnázium in Budapest, Hungary, the Hungarian Winter Leadership Conference marked the inauguration of the FBLA program in Hungary. With over a hundred attendees, this event was a huge success. Forty-three students applied for FBLA membership in the Toldy Ferenc Gimnázium Chapter. more…After only two months, the Hungarian chapter did a fabulous job and conducted their first regional competition which qualified thirteen students to attend the 2018 FBLA National Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. more… & Video…